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Jon Anderson

A new album is in the works.

Michael Lewis

"HeartStrings" his new pop/blues project to be released in 2009.

Stacy Mitchart

Currently booking a West Coast tour.

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Stacy Mitchart Band

Genre: Blues
Performance: Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Drums / Keyboards / Trumpet / Saxophone
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Stacy Mitchart Band

Stacy Mitchhart has built a worldwide fan base thanks to phenomenal live performances, national television exposure, radio airplay, loyal enthusiastic fans and aggressive marketing and merchandising campaigns. His masterful guitar work and strong vocals have been the driving forces behind his successful career. He has won numerous industry awards, released 7 CD's and 1 DVD/CD, and holds 13 major endorsements. Stacy Mitchhart actively tours the US and abroad.

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