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Michael Lewis and One Street Over

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Joyce Cooling - Narada Artist

"Michael, such tasty stuff.
Killer tone.
Nice Feel.
Magical Music!"

Joyce Cooling
Narada Records Artist
Andy Fuchs

"Michael Lewis has a true gift for making beautiful music that is both great to listen to, and also reaches your inner soul. We're both honored and thrilled that he uses our equipment as a part of his musical voice."

Andy Fuchs
Fuchs Audio Technology
Boutique Guitar Amps
Ed Kee

"Michael Lewis is a gifted musician and an artist to watch in the field of contemporary Jazz. He's got his finger on the pulse of the smooth jazz market. Great playing and good production make his projects among the best I've heard."

Ed Kee
Director of A&R, Brentwood Jazz

Tom Hemby

"Michael, sounds great! Cool sounding loops, great groove, great composition, killer guitar tone.. I like the tune a lot. Can I have it to put on my CD?"

Tom Hemby
Grammy & Dove Award Winner
Guitarist, Producer & Songwriter
Josh Zandman

"Your song Sweeter Love is very impressive and represents the quality of music we look for when sending to our clients such as Disney, Paramount and Warner Brothers."

Josh Zandman
Song and Film
Ed Alves

"WOW Michael, great song!! You never cease to surprise and amaze me."

Ed Alves
Executive Vice President, Timberline Guitars
(formerly VP/Marketing, Taylor Guitars)

Michael Lewis

"This is sensational. Absolutely exquisite guitar playing. Magnificent tone and slippery runs all done with passion and beauty."
--B.R., Sydney, Australia

I was at your concert this past Wednesday.
I'm still talking about it and it's Friday. Your music is so refreshing... I was blown away!"
--J.P., New Monmouth, NJ

"Talent just DRIPS off th' strings of your guitar." --D.M., Olympia, WA

"Yeah, this is just what we need: more songs with encouraging messages to reaffirm the joy of living." --B.T.


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