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One Street Over

Genre: Smooth & Contemporary Jazz
Performance: Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards / Bass / Drums / Saxophone
Location: Washington (formerly Nashville, TN)

Michael Lewis and One Street Over

Michael Lewis and One Street Over perform smooth and contemporary jazz for today's jazz loving audience. Comparisons to such groups as Fourplay, Jeff Lorber, or the Rippingtons come to mind, with influences from Pat Metheny, The Yellowjackets, Robben Ford and George Benson. The music of One Street Over evokes an emotional response from the audience as listeners are carried off to far away places. From smooth, relaxing moods to the energy of a fresh breeze, One Street Over is characterized by a great feel, a cool groove and a beautiful sense of dynamics.

One Street Over is led by session guitarist Michael Lewis (formerly based in Nashville, TN), respected worldwide as a guitarist and a studio producer. Michael's resume' includes dozens of album credits and a vast history of live performances including concerts in 40 states and Europe, a sideman for major label artists, a ten year stint as the guitarist for the Radio Daze Big Band based of Nashville and endorsements by Taylor Guitars, Fuchs amplifiers, Celestion Speakers, Keeley Pedals and more. Michael's touring has resulted in many repeat invitations and many new fans. He is a talented performer, an amazing guitarist, a smooth vocalist and an excellent overall musician. As one reviewer put it:

"Make no mistake about it; Michael Lewis is one talented man."
(Tennesse Jazz and Blues Society, Dec. 2002)

Over the years, One Street Over has been joined by a number of outstanding session players. Having recorded and toured with some of the top names in the industry, their résumé’s read like a "who's who" in music. Including bassist Chris Kent, who won a Grammy touring as Larry Carlton's sideman in 2002. The primary drummer for all of Michael's recordings, Brian Fullen, is also a Grammy award winner, a top Nashville session drummer and a jazz drumming competition winner at Ohio State University.

In 2008, Michael Lewis returned to Northwest, an area he considers home (though he is originally from California). Michael has connected with some of the top players in the area and will be touring the West once again. Blue Street Artists is busy lining up bookings for fairs, festivals and more. Michael is also back in the studio finishing two new recordings that have been on hold due to his move back West.

Michael's Artist Endorsements

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Taylor Guitars Fuchs Amps Keeley Pedals Lava Cables Top 50 - 2007
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The Tone Zone Newsletter

• Michael Lewis writes and publishes "The Tone Zone" a monthly newsletter with international distribution covering topics related to studio and live guitar players.

• Michael has a fan mailing list of over 5,000.


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